People tell me on a somewhat regular basis that they really do like to read, but they don’t have time, they don’t understand how I read as much as I do, etc. I tell them that I make it a priority. I always have a book on me, and I will read even if it’s for five or ten minutes at a time.

This week I’m at a work conference, and this morning out speaker was late. We were told we could do what we wanted for the next hour. While most people stayed in the meeting room, chatting about the previous night’s exploits, I decided to take advantage of the lovely hammocks outside.

I mean, how could I resist that?


Clearly I could not.

So there I am in a dress and heels walking through the sand to go lay on a hammock and read a novel for 45 minutes. But why the heck not? It was the perfect little interlude.

And that’s how I read as much as I do.


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