I was home reading

20131101-113234.jpg rather than worrying about writing a writ of habeas corpus.

Speaking of Lies My Teacher Told Me, have any of you read this? Good stuff so far! I wish I’d had it back when I was actually teaching high school.

This is day 1 of blogging every day for November. Have to get back on track after last month’s dearth of posts.


2 thoughts on “Wishing…

  1. YES. I’m a history teacher and adore this book, I wish all teachers were required to read it – really fascinating. I’m reading Master of the Mountain by Henry Wiencek right now and it’s giving me feelings I had similar to the first time I read Lies My Teacher Told me; a little bit of “Well, I should have known that, but WHY didn’t any one TELL me?”

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