The Sunday Salon: Technology Fail

The Sunday SalonI don’t typically get much reading done on the weekends, as that’s pretty much the only time I see my husband. This weekend was going to be no exception, since I was leaving straight from work for a friend’s wedding. I knew it was going to be at least an hour and a half drive, if not longer. One of the things I don’t like about that drive is that I get out of range of my usual radio stations. Then I realized that there was a solution – I would download an audiobook from the library. I’d get in some reading and I wouldn’t have to be fiddling with radio dials while driving in South Florida traffic (you’re welcome).

So at work on Friday I looked at what my library had available for audio downloads. I found Isabel Allende’s book Maya’s Notebook. Perfect! Download to phone. Now I can get in the car, plug my phone into the auxiliary cable, and cruise.

Needless to say that did not work out. Somehow I neglected to actually download the files, although I checked out the book. And I need wifi to download to files, which I don’t have in my car.

Cut to yesterday. I’m at the hotel for the wedding. Our room had free wifi – yay! I go ahead and download the files, and see that they are queuing up. At least I can listen to my book on the ride home, right? I get ready and leave for the ceremony. It was a great time – there was the ceremony itself, which was gorgeous, then the reception, then an after party, and then the hubby and I went swimming in the hotel pool at 2am. We finally made it to bed at about 3. I haven’t done that in forever!

As you may imagine, this morning I had enough to do waking up and getting checked out of the hotel on time. When I finally got in my car to head home, I plug in my phone – and no Maya’s Notebook! The app was asking mt, again, if I wanted to download the files. I was not a happy camper. Or driver.

I got home just a little while ago, and tried to download the files for the third time. I’m pretty sure it worked this time, but I guess I’ll only know for sure when I try to play it on my way to work tomorrow!


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