Sunday Salon: July in Review

July with letters colored like American FlagFourteen books in July! That must be a record for me. Although I have to admit that five of them were young adult, so I guess that makes it a bit less of an accomplishment when you can read three books in two days. Still! 14!

I also listened to three audiobooks. They are growing on me, slowly. Not enough for my to buy them, but enough that I will check one out from the library when there’s something that looks good available. I’m on track for my 2013 translation challenge – barely. I’m glad I committed to one translated book a month, since that’s all I’ve been reading this year. Without the challenge I’m sure I wouldn’t even be reading that many.

Other than reading, I spent July house hunting. The hubby and I are looking to buy a place. It’s exciting but stressful. We actually had a contract on a house, but it fell through. I am hoping that doesn’t happen again. *crosses fingers*

I can’t believe that summer is almost over! Both my (bio) little sister and Big Brothers Big Sisters little sister are looking forward to school starting back up. I don’t remember feeling that way, but I’m glad they are excited. My bio sister is starting college (finally!) and my little is going into 7th grade. I’ll be cheering them on from my year-round job 🙂

And a quick plug for BBBS. I know I’ve written about the organization before, but I am so happy to be a volunteer. They need more mentors, both men and women. Girls in my area are now waiting a year to be matched, and boys are waiting two to two and a half years. I know may seem daunting to be a mentor to a young person, but it’s really a lot of fun. You commit to seeing your little for 4 hours a month for a year. Of course, you’re welcome to do more, and they hope that you’ll stay on longer than a year, but that’s it. Four hours. Go to the library, out to breakfast, eat ice cream, make pizza, pull weeds in the garden, play video games, hit a tennis ball – don’t you want someone to do those things with? Of course you do. Sign up!

Ok, on to the book details:

Total books: 14
11 Fiction:                  79%
3 Non-fiction:           21%
12 Women Authors:   86%
1 Translated:              7%


12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: July in Review

    • The best, hands down, was my re-read of A Prayer for Owen Meany. I think I’m going to have to re-read that one every couple of years.

      I also read Tamora Pierce’s Lioness Quartet, which was very good.

      • I love A Prayer for Owen Meany too. I was going to reread it too for a readalong last month into this month, but just didn’t get to it. That doesn’t mean, though, that it isn’t one of my favorites, if not possibly my favorite book ever, because it is.

  1. Been there with the house-hunting (several times) and the contract that fell through. Definitely nerve-wracking when that happens. When we bought this house, we had to cancel the agreement of sale for a previous house we loved. We hated doing that, but it wound up being the right thing to do … because otherwise we wouldn’t have found (and gotten) THIS house! It’s a cliche and everyone says it, but it will all work out. (I hated when people would tell me that.)

    July was my best reading month, too. I read 9 books, which tied February for the most books read. (Go figure, the shortest month!)

    • I keep track of all my books on my Books Read page, with my star rating. A month of mostly solid three star books, with a few 4s and one 5.

      63. Orange is the New Black, Piper Kerman***
      62. The Shadowed Sun, N.K. Jemisin****
      61. A Prayer for Owen Meany, John Irving*****
      60. Manazuru, Hiromi Kawakami ***
      59. Own the Room, Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins***
      58. Lioness Rampant, Tamora Pierce***
      57. The Woman Who Rides Like a Man,Tamora Pierce***
      56. Song of the Lioness, Tamora Pierce***
      55. Alanna: The First Adventure, Tamora Pierce***
      54. Bossypants, Tina Fey***
      53. Trapeze, Simon Mawer***
      52. The Girls of No Return, Erin Saldin***
      51. The Accidental Tourist, Anne Tyler****
      50. Jacob’s Room, Virginia Woolf****

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