Book cover for "relish" showing a cartoon girl with eyes closed eating an oliveRelish: My Life in the Kitchen
Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley’s graphic novel memoir through food is really more of a celebration of good eating than a conversation about the author’s life. Sure, we get the broad strokes, but the book is mainly disjointed episodes displayed haphazardly.

However, it’s obvious she loves food. And I love food. I think it’d be pretty cool to have had a teenage summer job working a farmer’s market booth in upstate New York, or later in college at a fancy gourmet shop. I worked at a local grocery store, where it was a big deal when we started selling sushi in little plastic trays.

I liked the recipes between the chapters. Nothing fancy, but they show you can eat well without being a rocket scientist. I’m all for people taking a laid back approach to cooking. Try it! Perfection not required. I also loved the drawings, especially the scene with the chickens. The horror in young Lucy’s face is quite evident.

The book was less successful when Knisley snarked on people’s food choices or the obesity epidemic. Apparently, you can eat as many delicious flaky croissants as you want as long as you stay thin while doing so. Just stick to talking about delicious food, ‘kay?

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13 thoughts on “Relish

  1. I’ve been meaning to get to this, and to her previous book as well. (French Milk? I think that’s the title)

  2. I didn’t notice any snark, but perhaps that’s just me. I loved the combination of quirky, funny drawings and food. This is going to be one of my favorite books of the year!

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