August Heat

August HeatBook cover for "August Heat"
An Inspector Montalbano Mystery
Andrea Camilleri
translated by Stephen Sartarelli

It may not be August here in Florida, but it sure is plenty hot enough to identify with this book’s Sicilian summer setting. Actually, I checked, and Sicily averages 84 degree days in August. It was 87 today when I was driving home from work.

Our intrepid detective, Inspector Montalbano, is forced to help some friends find a beach house at the last moment to avoid the ire of his girlfriend, Livia. He promises her that even though he can’t get off of work for vacation, they will spend plenty of time together with no pesky murders to investigate. Who kills anyone in August? It’s too hot to do anything besides eat delicious cold things and swim in the Mediterranean.

Of course, that scenario wouldn’t make for much of a mystery.

Before long, there is indeed a murder, though one that happened several years prior to the present summer. Livia, none to happy about the situation, leaves with her friends. She’s tired of being shoved to the side for a corpse.

Inspector Montalbano is on the case, but can he stay focused in the haze of the sweltering August days, and attention from a young woman intent on charming him into submission?

While I wasn’t enthralled with the gender issues, this would be a good summer read, either on the beach or just visiting in your mind. I did like that the translator provided a little guide or glossary at the end that explained some of the Sicilian context.


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