May in Review

reading nook


Another solid reading month, thanks this time to a lovely vacation.

The hubby and I went to Marrakech, Morocco, where we enjoyed a nice mix of sight seeing and lazing around the riad (basically a bed and breakfast). It was pretty hot during the afternoons, so I took to lounging on my “reading nook” under the canvas awning during those times. It was pretty comfy.

I read two books of poetry (which I’m counting as nonfiction becauseIsaidso). I know National Poetry Month was April, but poetry is worth reading every month. Plus, I did buy both books in April 🙂

I’m trying to stop buying books that then linger on my shelves, unread, for far too long. It’s a process.

Total books: 10
7 Fiction:                  70%
3 Non-fiction:          30%
8 Women Authors:  80%
2 Translated:            20%

I know this isn’t a photo blog, but Morocco was so gorgeous, I thought I’d share a few shots.

Here’s a detail of my reading nook. I loved the little carved hearts. It seemed like everywhere we looked the buildings were decorated somehow. I mean, who have a plain archway when you can have an elaborately curved one? Why have a plain floor when you can have a tile mosaic? Color! Fancy! Pretty!

reading nook detail

Reading nook detail

Here’s the prayer chamber area from the Ben Youssef Madrasa, an Islamic school founded in the 14th century. The carvings everywhere, of inscriptions in Arabic calligraphy and geometric patterns were just gorgeous. I guess if you got distracted by all the beauty when you were praying that you could just say you were reading the walls for insight!



At night we would curl up with a blanket and look at the sunset. This picture is from our last night in the city. Can you see why I loved it? Seriously, anyone who has the opportunity to visit should certainly try to do so. Of course, now I’m already thinking of where I’d like to go next…

nook sunset

Sunset in Marrakech


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