March in Review

I finally felt like my life started to get back to normal in March. My reading reflects that, as I was able to complete eight books. Granted, two of those were graphic novels, but I’ll take it. Besides, I’ve been wanting to read more graphic novels. I’ll be reading at least one more in April, as I got a Barnes & Noble gift card for my birthday and promptly went out and bought MetaMaus. (yay!) It’s sitting on my shelf now, tempting me to pick it up. First, though, I want to devote some time to The New Jim Crow, which I bought a year ago but only just now started reading.

My stats:
8 books total
5 Fiction                63%
3 Nonfiction         38%
3 Female author   38%
1 Translated          13%


2 thoughts on “March in Review

    • Thanks! The New Jim Crow is really good so far. Even though I’m familiar with a lot of the issues and statistics, it’s packed full of tons of good information that I don’t know, or haven’t seen placed in the exact context. It’s one of those books I should probably be taking notes on as I go along 🙂

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