Bloggiesta: The Starting Line!

Cartoon boy in sombrero sitting on book typing on laptopHere’s where I’ll be posting my progress throughout the weekend.

Here’s my first task, completed:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

And of course you’ll want to follow me with bloglovin, since Google Reader is shutting down and this is clearly the most awesome feedreader that you should have been using all along. Don’t believe me? Check out Jenn’s post comparing your options: The Pros and Cons of Popular Feed Readers.

I’ve found the first new item to add to my list of tasks: Explore StumbleUpon
Thanks to April’s mini-challenge, I’ve now added a StumbleUpon button to my posts. I’ll be creating an account and submitting content before you know it!

And where was that original list? Oh, right – here it is:

Link reviews to books read list (Nope)
Update bloglovin’ with wordpress account
Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! – more specifically, write the catch-up reviews for my Classics Club list (Um, I wrote 1)
Catergorize any “uncatergorized” posts
Copy at least 10 reviews over to goodreads


2 thoughts on “Bloggiesta: The Starting Line!

  1. I started using Bloglovin thanks to Jenn’s recommendation as well. I can’t figure out how to add it to my blog posts but I’ll keep trying! New follower 🙂

    • Have you claimed your blog on bloglovin’ yet? Go to account>my blog>claim blog. Follow the instructions, and they will send you an email with different ways you can connect it.

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