Bloggiesta is coming!

Cartoon boy in sombrero sitting on book typing on laptopSince moving to WordPress, I’ve realized that there are some blog tasks that I really need to accomplish. Bloggiesta sounds like a good time to try to get some of them done, at least. Of course,weekends are tough for me, as the hubby works out of town Monday-Friday, so I don’t know how much time I’ll actually have to devote to the tasks. At least I’ll have a to-do list, though!

Here’s a started list. I’m sure I’ll think of more tasks over the next few days.

Link reviews to books read list
Update bloglovin’ with wordpress account
Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! – more specifically, write the catch-up reviews for my Classics Club list
Catergorize any “uncatergorized” posts
Copy at least 10 reviews over to goodreads


7 thoughts on “Bloggiesta is coming!

  1. I had not heard of this before. What good ideas! I should be doing more of these things too. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Oh yikes, I have to update all of my labels as well. I’ll add that to my long term list of things to get done, thanks for the reminder!

    I hope you’re having a productive weekend!

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