February in Review

Wooden letters spelling February on top of a snowdriftWell, this will be quick. In February I read… drum roll please…TWO BOOKS!

I reviewed one already, The Devil’s Pool. I’ve yet to write up a few thoughts on Richard Wright’s Black Boy, but that will happen soon.

So why the nearly non-existent reading? Well, February was pretty much a horrid month. I had an unexpected death in the family that meant I was out of town doing family things for two weekends, and then there was the missing car key incident which I will not even go into, plus work and regular life stuff. It left me just exhausted. I was having trouble connecting with a book.

Here’s hoping that March is mo’better. I’ve been reading Orlando and loving it. I’m also reading 101 Great American Poems, which is a collection of accessible  famous poetry. Not a bad start to the month.

My stats:
2 books total
1 Fiction                50%
1 Nonfiction         50%
1 Female author 50%
1 Translated        50%


4 thoughts on “February in Review

  1. Looking forward to hearing about Wright’s Black Boy. It’s one of those books that I have been wanting to read for years, but it is always far enough down the list that I never get to it.

  2. I managed to read three books last month, but I definitely wasn’t able to get a 50/50 split on all those categories! Black Boy is such an intense read.

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