Top Ten New to Me Authors

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Favorite New-To-Me-Authors 2012 

A lot of my top books this year were from authors I’ve read before, but there were still some new-to-me authors I’m looking forward to revisiting. Here are some of them:
Leslie Marmon Silko. I read Ceremony, which is a classic for a reason. Up next: maybe Garden in the Dunes. Sounds pretty interesting.
Afua Cooper. I read The Hanging of Angelique, which was excellent. Apparently she also writes poetry. I’d try Memories Have Tongues.

Erik Larson. I read The Devil in White City. My former book club recently read In the Garden of the Beasts, so I might try that one next.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I read  The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories. Next: His Religion and Hers: A Study of the Faith of Our Fathers and the Work of Our Mothers sounds like something I’d enjoy.
Jenny McPhee. I read No Ordinary Matter and was charmed. Up next: probably her first book, The Center of Things.

Sarah Waters. I read Tipping the Velvet, and while it wasn’t a major work of literature, I did like it a lot. Lesbians! Yay! Next: her Booker-shortlisted Fingersmith.

Nuruddin Farah. I read  Maps, and since it’s the first book in a trilogy, I’ll probably read Gifts when I next pick up something by him.

Neil Gaiman. Okay, so I’d read a Gaiman short story, but that shouldn’t count. At least, I’m not counting it. I read Neverwhere, and it was really fun. Next: you tell me – there are so many to choose from! Leave any suggestions in the comments.

Have you read any of these authors? 


3 thoughts on “Top Ten New to Me Authors

  1. @Tanya: Anansi Boys sounds really interesting! @Carol: I've heard a lot of people list "American Gods" as a favorite. I have a feeling I'll be reading a lot more Gaiman in the future.

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