Sunday Salon: August in Review

In August I made a real effort to step up my reading. I went from 6 books in July to 11 in August, which I think is pretty good. I also made sure I read some translated books, since I hadn’t read one since  Miral  in May. All this reading means that I need to step up writing reviews!

So far this month I’ve started two books, Age of Innocence and Hemingway’s Boat. Both of them are good so far, but completely different. I haven’t read any Edith Wharton in awhile, and I’m wondering why. I’m only a couple of chapters in, but I’m really enjoying her observations about New York society. I’m thinking September is going to be a month focused on the classics, since I still have a ways to go on the Back to the Classics challenge.

Here’s my August breakdown:
11 books total
5 fiction                45%
6 nonfiction          55%
7 female authors  64%
2 translated           18%


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