Weekend Cooking: Minding My Manners


Emily Post on Entertaining
Elizabeth L. Post

I’ve had this book on my shelves for ages now, and have done little more than flip through it. I’d read the first chapter. “Party Planning” and decided it was so out of the realm of anything I could see my self doing that I put it down without a second thought.

But you know what? Despite the dreadfully stuffy bits, this could actually come in handy. Not that I plan on hosting a formal six course dinner party any time soon. However, it demystifies some of the impenetrable fog of secret Greenwich WASP code that surrounds these events.

It’s also got good tips on how to manage logistics of say, a beach picnic. Or a buffet lunch. It has pointers on housewarming parties vs. open houses (who knew?).

Honestly, it was almost fun to imagine myself in some of the less probable circumstances: How do I treat the servants? (politely, but not with familiarity). Can I leave before the President of the United States does? (absolutely not). Must I used engraved invitations when I have a reception for my Senator? (ha!).

Anyway, give it a try, even if it’s just to remember that your water glass is the one on the right.

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Cooking: Minding My Manners

  1. This sounds like a good reference book. I might not do the entertaining you have mentioned, but have read books that include some of them. it would be interesting to find out whether the authors have done their research to determine what to do when they write in the President.

  2. Fun reference to have around. I'm always so unsure when I have the president over for cocktails. LOL. But, really, even for everyday life it's good to know what's proper.

  3. Great classic book. If you would like to link this or any other book you loved to the August edition of Books You Loved please just go ahead. The edition just went live a couple of days ago and already has a nice collection of links.Cheers

  4. Thanks, everyone! This definitely is a fun little book. It takes itself pretty seriously, but hey – there's no rule saying its readers have to 😉

  5. My mother in law has a similar etiquette book at her home–though not Emily Post. We always browse through it and laugh at some of the absurdities–but it is fun and some of those things stick with you!

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