July in Review

4th of July Seattle
4th of July Seattle

Wow! It seems July just absolutely flew by. I managed to complete 6 books, plus I’m about halfway through with The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman. So far, so good. I’m enjoying a glimpse into a much more ancient Jewish culture than I’ve previously read about. It really makes me want to pick up The Hebrew Goddess by Raphael Patai

6 books total
3 fiction                50%
3 nonfiction          50%
5 female authors  83%
0 translated           0%

Unbelievable. For whatever reason, this is two months in a row that I haven’t read any books translated into English (does all the Olympics watching count for anything?!). I’m going to have to focus on that for August. Unfortunately, most of the books laying around, waiting for me to pick them up and read them, were written in English. I’d love any recommendations for easy to locate books in translation.  Leave any suggestions in the comments!


2 thoughts on “July in Review

  1. @Eva: Well, that's hard to say. I'm willing try try pretty much anything. I'm not a big fan of crime fiction, so no Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I've enjoyed a lot of the Francophone African lit I've read, and I'm always up for suggestions from Asia. I'm definitely underread when it comes to East Asian lit.

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