Going to a Party

You may have noticed, but there haven’t been many reviews on the blog lately. I just haven’t felt very inspired to write about books. Work has been kicking my butt, and it’s all I can do some days to get myself home, eat something halfway nutritious, and veg out watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

I need some inspiration. I found it in a most unlikely place – The Great Gatsby. Basically, this dress caught my attention. It’s beautiful – not something that I’d ever even try on, as I’d immediately write it off as a style that didn’t look good on me, but beautiful nonetheless. It immediately evoked the Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age, and the decadent, grotesque parties central to Jay Gatsby’s way of life. I out together these pieces imagining if I were invited to a Gatsby revival type party today. I’m sure there are going to be some in NYC – not so sure about where I’m living now. Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to host one.

I have to admit, I’m not actually a fan of the book. Back in high school, when I read it, I found it bleak and hopeless. But hey – I ended up creating an account on polyvore just so I could put this set together. I’m excited about it. I’m thinking now maybe I’m even excited enough to read Gatsby again – after all, the new movie’s coming out soon 😉

Gatsby Party

Gatsby Party by stackwanderer

What clothes evoke The Great Gatsby for you? Feel free to create a set and share!


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