Hemingway Daiquiris, Finally

So, yeah. I had planned to make these daiquiris back during the Trish’s Pin It, Do It challenge, but I couldn’t find maraschino liquor anywhere. Finally, the brilliant hubby suggested I call Total Wine. I hadn’t thought of them, as there isn’t one super close to me, but I figured I could combine a stop there with some other places I needed to go. Of course, they carried two varieties! I went with the cheaper one, since it’s just a mixer. It was $16. The expensive one was $30. Also, the super helpful sales guy pointed me to an $8 bottle of white rum that he said was comparable to a Bacardi. I think he felt he had to throw me a bone since he also talked me into an eighty dollar bottle of single malt Scotch…
Hemingway Daiquiri, from The Kitchn

Anyway, on to the daiquiris. Yummy yummy yummy. Light, not too sweet, and you know you’re drinking alcohol. Rum, maraschino liquor, fresh grapefruit, fresh lime. Tumbler full of ice, sunny day, time to relax by the water with a book. I think Papa would approve.

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10 thoughts on “Hemingway Daiquiris, Finally

  1. Yay! You found the maraschino liquor! I remember that you were looking for it – two points to the Hubs :)I LOVE Hemingway, and made another of his drink "recipes" for Weekend Cooking in the past. So, I will try this!

  2. @Libby: Yay is right! Totally worth the hunt :-)@Diane: Thanks!@Vicki: I'd had a daiquiri, but I never realized there were so many different types.@Carole: Thanks, you too!@Beth F: There's plenty to go around!@Carrie: Well, I can't take credit for the name, but the name certainly inspired me to make them!@Little Nell: Yes, a just reward!@thecuecard: They are great! I definitely recommend them!

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