Pin It, Do It: Tile Coasters

Coasters by Jenny

For the third installment of the Pin It, Do It challenge, I decided to make a set of coasters.

I found this tutorial awhile back, and planned to make a set of coasters for my sister’s birthday in August. She’s moving out of the house soon, and somehow I don’t think coasters are on the top of an 18 year old’s list of things to buy. However, since they were going to be a present, I thought it would be a good idea to do a trial run.

The original instructions called for a coating of polycrylic, but the clerk at the craft store said that Mod Podge was basically the same thing, and I didn’t see the point in buying both products. If after using these for a bit it turns out the Mod Podge isn’t holding up, then I’ll use the polycylic next time. Hence the purpose of a trial run.

My supplies

I used scrapbook paper with old typewriter keys on it. I love the colors, and how it looks old-fashioned-writer-ish. I’m sure old book pages or illustrations would look really nice, too.

I think I covered the tiles with four coats of Mod Podge. They look nice, but they don’t have that “covered in a thick layer of acrylic” look. I think it’s fine, but I can see how a thicker coating would be nice, too. I guess I could give them another coat or two of Mod Podge, but I’m not really that concerned.

When I put on the felt “feet” I super glued them even though they had sticky backs. I just didn’t want them falling off and then having to replace them. This way they should stay on a while longer.

Here’s the finished project :

 I can’t wait until they’re completely cured so I can snuggle up and set my cup of tea on them while I read an old book. Thanks, Trish, for pushing me to be all crafty. This was really fun!


3 thoughts on “Pin It, Do It: Tile Coasters

  1. These are adorable! I've had this same tutorial bookmarked for ages but haven't ever gotten around to doing it. They would definitely make great presents — your sister is very lucky!

  2. That paper really makes all the difference, what a lovely paper and looks great on coasters! I'll have to remember this when I make Christmas presents this year.

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