Sunday Salon: Rainy Day Reading

This weekend was supposed to be really nice, but instead, there are storm cells on the horizon, threatening rain on and off. My sister in law and her family came over to go to the beach and then do a bit of grilling, but the drizzling has sent me inside. I got in about 10 minutes of reading The Rover, by Aphra Behn, before it got too wet and I had to limp (I’ve got a sprained ankle) to cover to protect the book (& yes, myself). My little nephew was teasing me, saying “What? Are you scared of water? All rain is is water!”

He’s still out there with the rest of them who aren’t scared of a little water falling from the sky. There’s no lightening to be seen, so they’ll probably play around for a little bit and see if the weather clears up.

Meanwhile, I’m back inside, on the couch, drink in hand, ice pack on ankle, ready to dive back into The Rover. It’s my pick for the Play category of the Back to the Classics Challenge. I’m a bit behind on this challenge. I’ve read two books, but have only reviewed one. There are nine categories, so I’ll have 6 to go after my current read. I should be able to finish it pretty quickly, as it’s not that long. With my sprained ankle, I’ll have an excuse to lay around and read a bit without the hubby giving me too much grief. Silver linings!

Oh – I’ve been meaning to publicly thank the lovely Marilyn at Me, You, and Books, for graciously sending me some interesting additions to my bookshelves:

No would would guess I’m interested in feminism, right?

I’ve been wanting to read The Beauty Myth for a long time, even though I think Naomi Wolf’s politics have strayed from her previous feminist roots. See here and here for some examples.

The other titles, for those who can’t read them in the picture, are The Tyranny of the Majority, Lani Guinier; What is Feminism, Edited by Juliet Mitchell and Ann Oakley; and Feminism and Science, by Evelyn Fox Keller and Helen E. Longino. I’m tentatively planning a women and science reading event for later this year, so the last book will certainly come in handy for that.

Thank you, Marilyn!

How is your Sunday going?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Rainy Day Reading

  1. Rain and sprained ankle aside, yours doesn't sound like a bad Sunday. I am interested to hear what you think of the Aphra Behn. I read her Oroonoko for my degree and thought it was good philosophically but not the most readable writing style. I'm about to plunge into some Mary Shelley before bed.

  2. @Nose in a book: Not a bad Sunday at all! I'm enjoying The Rover so far. It's funny and a bit baudy. My edition is actually titled "Oroonoko, The Rover, and Other Works," so I'll probably give Oroonoko a try eventually.

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