April in Review

I refused to end April without finishing two books that I’ll been struggling far too long to finish – Maps, Nuruddin Farah and The Book of the City of Ladies, Christine de Pizan. Well, I’m happy to report:

Both of those books count towards challenges I’ve joined for the year, which is an added bonus.

I participated in Dewey’s Readathon, although I didn’t read for anywhere close to the full 24 hours. The experience did help me read of total of 7 books for the month, which is more than I’d been reading for the previous couple months. My event wrap-up post is here: Readathon Wrap Up

April also brought my birthday, along with the best birthday present ever, a convertible! (not brand new, but new to me – yes, the hubby spoils me!) Oh – and I did this little thing called GETTING SWORN IN AS A LAWYER!!!! Now if my job will actually start paying me…

My April breakdown:
7 books total
6 fiction                86%
1 nonfiction          14%
6 female authors  86%
2 translated           29%

How was your April reading?


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