Pin It, Do It

Trish over at Love, Laughter, and a Bit of Insanity is hosting a Pin It and Do It challenge for May. I really like Pinterest, and use it on a pretty regular basis. I do make a lot of the recipes I find on there, and I use the “Pin It” bookmarking tool to save recipes and projects I find elsewhere on the interwebz. 
Of course, as is typical for me, I have to put my own twist on this challenge. This is a book blog, and although I tie in other topics, I like my blog firmly rooted in the “bookish” category. So, all the projects I choose will be book-related somehow.

I’ve committed to 1-3 pins, or the “Timid Pinner” level, so I don’t overwhelm my blog with crafty posts. But hey – if people like them, maybe I’ll make them a more regular feature! One never knows…

Here’s my Pinterest profile – if you have suggestions for me, let me know!

Oh, and on a not-bookish note (since I don’t think they make me put my hand on the Bible or anything), I’m getting sworn in to the Florida Bar today!!! Officially a real lawyer!!!


2 thoughts on “Pin It, Do It

  1. Thanks so much for joining MJ!! I'll look forward to seeing what you accomplish this month. (and I for one like crafty posts…but don't think that's a secret about me). ;)And CONGRATS!!!

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