Sunday Salon Slump

It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog lately. This reflects the incredibly hectic pace of my life the past two weeks. I flew into Florida on April 1st and started working the next day. It’s been quite an adjustment going from working three days a week, where I just was helping someone else with their cases to working 5 days a week with a caseload of my own. Yes, I have supervision, but the primary responsibility is on me. In fact, I’m going into the office a little later today to catch up on work I didn’t have time to finish on Friday.

I haven’t finished a book in weeks – heck, I’ve barely been reading at all lately. The books I’ve been working on are good, but they all are pretty slow paced. I think what I need is so good, quick, YA to bust me out of this slumptitude. I just went onto my library’s website and reserved Tamora Pierce’s Mastiff. It’s the final book in the Beka Cooper Trilogy. I read the first two books in December and really enjoyed them. I don’t think my library had the last one then, but they’ve gotten it in now.

It will probably be a few days before it’s ready, but that’s fine. Maybe in to meantime I can put a dent in some of my other books.

I also signed up for Dewey’s Read-a-thon on April 21st. I figured that would be a great time to get some serious reading done. I don’t plan on reading for the whole 24 hours, but a few nice blocks of reading time would be nice. I’ll see if I can arrange for the hubby to be out that day so I don’t have to explain this weird phenomenon of a “read-a-thon” to him!

Have you participated in a read-a-thon before? Are you doing this one? Any tips are appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon Slump

  1. It's frustrating when you can't find time to really get into a book, isn't it? Which is what makes a read-a-thon so very luxurious. I did one last year and loved the whole experience. I asked my readers a week beforehand what books they would pick from my TBR and used that as my reading list. As always the big difficulty was tearing myself away from the internet!

  2. MJ, congradulations of getting a job. never an easy task. Now all you have to do is adjust to it. hope all goes well.I have books to give you, but no address. Beauty Myth and Feminism and Science which you mentioned. And one from my original list, What is Feminism. I picked a couple you might like off my other shelves to go with them. White, Arnt I A Women (black women in slavery, some markings if you care); Guinier, Tryanny of the Majority (black woman who was Assit Attroney General under Clinton). Let me know which of those you'd like.Glad you are interested in some of these.Marilyn

  3. Gosh, a day of just reading sounds so appealing. But with four kids, that absolutely could.never.happen on a Saturday! Do post afterward so I can enjoy it vicariously…

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