Wild Magic

Wild Magic

Wild Magic
The Immortals, Book 1
Tamora Pierce

I really like Tamora Pierce. I wish I’d read her books as I was growing up, because I know I would have lovedlovedloved them at a younger age – especially this book. A magical teenage girl with a gift with horses? Yes, please!

Wild Magic is in Pierce’s Tortall universe, where several of her other books are set, including the Song of the Lioness  and Beka Cooper series. I recently read the first two books in the Beka Cooper series, and thought they were very good. It’s fun to be in the same universe, although much later in time, to see how things have progressed.

In Wild Magic, a teenage orphan named Daine gets a job working with the horses of Tortall’s Queen’s Riders. She discovers that her talent for working with animals is actually a kind of magic. With the help of a mage named Numir, Daine learns how to control her magic without letting it overpower her.

Along the way, she makes many human and animal friends. She helps save her new home from invaders, who take advantage of Alanna’s absence to attack Pirate’s Swoop. Her ability to harness her magic and communicate with the animals is pivotal to the successful defense.

I’m interested to read the rest of Daine’s story and discover where her adventures take her.


2 thoughts on “Wild Magic

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tamora Pierce. And "Wild Magic" is my favorite book by her. Thanks for posting it up here. 🙂 I read Wild Magic probably once a month – it's my comfort book. It's on my kindle. Yay 🙂

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