A Book to Mend

A Heart to Mend

A Heart to Mend
Myne Whitman


I won this book after participating in Amy’s Nigerian Independence Day Reading Project. I’m going to make this short, and say that this was not my cup for tea.  I was hoping that I’d be pleasantly surprised, as supposedly this was a romance that was more than just a romance. (I don’t read romances).

Well, it certainly wasn’t a bodice-ripper. A couple mentions of foreplay is as racy as it gets.

So what’s the problem? This book is in serious need of an editor. The typos are awful, and this is from someone who can normally read right over them. More aggravating than that was the constant need to tell and not show. The whole thing just needs help.

Why two stars, and not just one?

I liked the premise. A modern young couple in Nigeria is trying to live their lives and find happiness together. Both parties have good jobs, friends, a support system. It’s clear that there’s more to modern Nigeria than internet scams. Most of the books I’ve read from African authors deal with young characters coming of age through crisis, or people dealing with war. I can see an author wanting to write this simple love story, since it is a difficult one to find. I just wish that publishers would believe in stories like this, so we could see them properly shaped and brought to bookstore shelves. This one in particular just doesn’t cut it.


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