White pumpkin with the words THankful Thursday

Today in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m choosing to focus on the positive aspects of this holiday, where I express gratitude for the many good things in my life.

One of those good things is my ability to read. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. First, a good friend’s mother has recently gone nearly blind from macular degeneration. She is an older woman, but never had vision problems. Then one day, boom! she’s going blind. I’ve been told that I’m at high risk for this condition as I age. The thought of not being able to see is absolutely terrifying.

The other incident that inspired this post is a friend who could not pass a written test to get a job. The job is a  good paying one, and it would have been very helpful to his family had he been able to get it. However, he had trouble with reading the information on the test and answering questions based on it.According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, forty percent of American adults,who although they do not meet criteria for functional illiteracy, nonetheless face reduced job opportunities and life prospects due to inadequate literacy levels relative to the requirements of contemporary society.”

So I’m thankful. For my current ability to read, and much more. For my family and friends, some of whom I’ll spend time with tomorrow, eating good food and enjoying each other’s company.

Happy Thanksgiving

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