September in Review

No more piles of books for me

Well, September was a very trying month. My reading certainly reflects my scattered state of mind. I only completed 6 books, which is well below the 14 I read in August and the 11 I managed in July. I think that I’ll be reading less for awhile. I realized that the majority of my reading time had been during my 45 minute one way subway commute. Now that I’m not living in good ol’ NYC, I actually have to drive to work. I’m currently trying an audiobook, but I only listen to that when I’m alone in the car. I’m having trouble getting into it, though. It’s only the second audiobook I’ve ever listened to. I don’t know if audiobooks just aren’t for me, if they’re an aquired taste, or if I simply haven’t found the right book.

I am happy to report that I was very pleased with the quality of my September reads. I had three 4-star reviews, two 5-star reviews, and one 3-star. I also read the best book of the year (so far) – A Happy Man by Hansjörg Schertenleib. Go find a copy.

My September reading breakdown:
6 books total
5 fiction                      83%
1 nonfiction               17%
3 female authors       50%
1 work in translation 17%


4 thoughts on “September in Review

  1. All audiobooks aren't the same, you've got to find the right one. Sooooo I wouldn't say it's an acquired taste, like chitterlings, but more of it's good when it's done well, like chicken (sorry, those were the only examples I could come up with!). Your audiobook, if it's not interesting now, it probably won't ever be good. The good audiobooks are the ones that keep you in the car long after you've reached your destination! 🙂

  2. I love food examples! The first audio book I tried was a novel. This one is a memoir, read by the author. I keep wondering if I were reading it myself if some of the things that are annoying me wouldn't annoy me on the page. I've heard that comedy books are good for audio, so maybe I'll try that next.

  3. I like most types of nonfiction, and literary fiction. I've never even heard of the Audies – I will check them out for suggestions. The one I'm reading now won a Grammy for best spoken word album.

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